Tech tips and tricks from Domitek


TurboTax is a very popular online tax preparation site, and at the moment the bad guys have massive campaigns going that look like they come from TurboTax. The subject is about “important privacy changes”. They want people to click on the link to “opt out” of having their personal information shared, but that’s an obvious […]

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Five Most Popular Hack Busters Posts

New ibuprofen skin patch to deliver 12 hours of pain relief: Click here. Hacker-Friendly Search Engine that Lists Every Internet-Connected Device: Click here. Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump: Click here. GTA 5’s next complimentary expansion announced, not coming to Xbox 360/PS3: Click here.

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Top 10 Safe Computing Tips

Use Strong Passwords and Keep them Secure: Strong passwords should contain a mix of capital and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. They should create images or acronyms that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others or a hacker to figure out.

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Some Safe Online Shopping Tips for This Holiday Season

Verify the business – check with the Better Business Bureau or Trust-e, sites that can provide insight into a business’s legitimacy. Shopping on a mobile device – Smartphones have the ability to do what computers can do nowadays, but they are not as protected against threats like your desktop.

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Windows 10 tips!

1. Print to PDF Windows 10 has now added the ability to create a PDF from many file types with a native printer driver – no more needing to download 3rd party software to perform a function which should have always been available natively. The new print function of many (but not all) applications now […]

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