Saas Protection

Reliable, enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution for your business
data on Google Workspace and Microsoft 365


Today’s hackers aren’t only targeting your networks or endpoints, but also your SaaS applications. Without proper protection in place, your business data on cloud-powered platforms are exposed to security breach risks. These can mean anything from nonrecoverable damages, expensive noncompliance fines, or even the closure of your business.

Save your company from such setbacks with Datto SaaS Protection from Domitek. With software designed specifically to safeguard your SaaS data plus expert configurations, you can take full advantage of the cloud without worrying about data security risks.

With Datto Saas Protection from Domitek you get:
  • Secure Mobile Workforce – enjoy improved business agility without compromising your data security
  • Fast Recovery Time – get back to work in minutes with everything intact, should a disaster happen
  • Massive Cost Savings – save on the potential business-ending legal fines and productivity costs a single data breach can cause
  • Hassle-Free Compliance – easily keep up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements


Datto SaaS Protection enables hassle-free compliance to GDPR and other regulatory requirements, with certifications by independent auditors to meet SOC 2 Type II requirements with the Security, Confidentiality, and Availability Trust, as well as Google’s OAuth API Security Assessment standards.

Data Recovery and Business Continuity

With an automated backup system that notifies Datto about failed backup jobs and enables timely restoration, your business data will always be safe and intact, and you can always resume optimal operations in no time.

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Maximize Protection Against Permanent Cloud Data Loss with Datto SaaS Protection

Many organizations mistakenly believe that cloud data is automatically protected by SaaS vendors such as Microsoft and Google. In reality, 1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications due to malware or ransomware attacks, malicious end-user activity, and accidental data overwrites. Datto SaaS Protection provides managed service providers (MSPs) with complete confidence that their clients’ critical SaaS data is protected against crippling business downtime and permanent cloud data loss.

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I’m VERY glad we hired these guys

I’m VERY glad we hired these guys

Before Domitek, our network would go down regularly, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. Since signing up with their network maintenance plan, we haven't had one single issue. I'm VERY glad we hired these guys to support our network.

Bob Prevelige
Zenith Mortgage Advisors