Google Workspace

The convenient yet powerful cloud-based workspace that sets your organization up for real-time collaboration and easy coordination


The demands of remote working and the fear of losing productivity are very real obstacles in today’s work environment. But Google Workspace is a cloud-first platform that empowers organizations to overcome these difficulties and get things done. From Gmail to the other productivity-boosting apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, Google Workspace gives you all the functionality of an office suite with the added benefits of real-time collaboration and ease of access.

By fully leveraging the power of the cloud, Google Workspace is an excellent collaboration platform that provides vital office functions, such as setting up and managing virtual meetings, sharing and storing files in the cloud for easy access and collaboration, quickly scaling computing resources, and much more. Get in touch with Domitek to learn more about how a customized implementation can empower your organization to become more productive.

With Domitek’s Google Workspace customization you can:
  • Enable easy access and efficient collaboration – We’ll set up your accounts quickly so you can immediately begin collaborating with your team
  • Work on any device without compromise – Virtually every internet-powered device supports Google Workspace without reduced features or performance
  • Manage meetings and store data – Hold online meetings using a shared calendar and video conferencing, and share files and folders on a common server
  • Resolve technical issues quickly – Our support team is on hand to troubleshoot and solve any platform issues you might encounter so you can get right back on track

Google Workspace gives you access to these powerful apps:


Google’s popular email client acts as a hub for all Workspace apps and activities while maintaining security and privacy

Google Docs

Create and share documents fast with this easy-to-use word processor

Google Calendar

Keep track of your meetings and appointments across the Workspace with this fully-integrated calendar

Google Drive

Store all your files and data on this shared server with complete access and permissions control

Google Sheets

Create and manage spreadsheets on the cloud for your data without missing out on advanced features and functions

Google Duo

This high-quality video calling app is ideal for meetings and calls to anyone in your organization

FREE eBook: Datto SaaS Protection

Protect Remote Workers from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Cloud Downtime and Data Loss.

The speed and magnitude with which managed service providers (MSPs) have had to transition clients to a work from home scenario means navigating many new challenges. The need to quickly enable remote employees to achieve productivity and collaboration is causing a surge in the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


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I’m VERY glad we hired these guys

I’m VERY glad we hired these guys

Before Domitek, our network would go down regularly, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. Since signing up with their network maintenance plan, we haven't had one single issue. I'm VERY glad we hired these guys to support our network.

Bob Prevelige
Zenith Mortgage Advisors