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As the market becomes more and more globalized, keeping up with the competition requires progressive communication technology. Small and medium-sized businesses like yours need the same advanced and reliable communication solutions as large companies do, but without the high costs or frustrating complexity.

With VoIP installation and support from Domitek, your business can enjoy all the benefits of modern communication techniques that are tailored to your needs for an affordable price.

VoIP solutions from Domitek are:

  • Economical – cut your telecommunication costs and avoid extra setup, installation or maintenance fees
  • User-friendly – easily understandable at-a-glance interface
  • Dependable – your hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7
  • Convenient – answer calls in remote locations via laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone
  • Green – cut travel costs and paper waste by sharing information online

Domitek Hosted PBX and VoIP Services

Designed to work the way you do ... not the other way around

Domitek PBX makes it easy and cost effective to upgrade your business phone system to our state of the art, scalable and secure Hosted PBX and VoIP services. Eliminate expensive hardware, software, and professional services typically associated with high-end phone systems, and realize the benefits of Domitek PBX and VoIP services.

Make changes when you want, and how you want through our easy to use self service portal, and stop paying for expensive equipment maintenance and labor contracts. In fact, your Domitek PBX is constantly maintained and updated by Domitek PBX so you will always be up to date and competitive with the latest technology. While your competitors struggle with a PBX phone system they purchased years ago, you'll always benefit from state-of-the-art technology that helps your business communicate more efficiently.

Your Number Is Yours To Keep

Another major advantage of Domitek PBX and VoIP services is that when you move your office, you get to keep your numbers. Really! The big old telephone companies will force you to switch numbers if you move a block away, but with today's advanced VoIP technology, you get to keep your business phone number forever...no matter where you go in the United States.

Most of our customers have a vested interest in their existing phone numbers. To avoid re-printing business cards, letterhead and marketing materials, and to avoid having to notify customers, Domitek PBX will accommodate porting (moving) your number to our service.

Local Number Port - We Handle Everything

Keep your existing phone number(s), and we will move them to your new Domitek PBX service. We just ask you to fill out a form, and send us a copy of your latest invoice, and we do the rest.

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Domitek PBX also offers your business the option of having unique Direct Inward Dial (DIDs) numbers for each user, just specific users, or you can have one published number that your customers call and provide a unique phone extension for each of your users and departments. Domitek PBX also enables you to control the number that your customers see when you call ("caller ID").

Here is a sample of ten (10) comparison items for your review and consideration:

Competitive Comparison Domitek PBX
Regional Resellers National VoIP Providers Interconnects
Hosted PBX comparable to high-end installed PBX Yes Yes Limited No
Business quality VoIP Yes Limited No No
Ability to custom configure features/functions Yes Limited No Yes
Easy to use enterprise capabilities, without expensive hardware, software and professional services (ie/ no more phone closet) Yes Limited No No
Pay Per Device (PPD) or Pay Per Company (PPC) plans Yes Limited Limited No
Customer portal with integrated billing system Yes Limited Limited No
Reseller portal with integrated reseller billing system Yes No No No
Ability to scale from 5 users to 200+ uesrs Yes Limited No No
Infrastructure based on 3rd party proprietary (expensive) software No Yes Yes -
Infrastructure utilizing best-of-class technologies (i.e. Cisco, Intel, etc.) with 100% control on roadmap features and functions based on customer requirements Yes No No -

NOTE: Regional Resellers are companies who are reselling a "soft switch" managed by another company (they don't own or control the infrastructure). National VoIP Providers are companies marketing to the entire US without a local presence or regional focus. Interconnects are companies who sell customer premise based phone systems (hardware, software, and labor).

For a more extensive analysis of the competition, and to learn how Domitek PBX can meet and exceed your requirements, contact a Domitek PBX representative ar (484) 784-4300 today.

A Few Business Continuity Benefits:

While there are many benefits to our services, here are just a few to help during your review of our services:

  • Domitek PBX servers are centrally managed at highly redundant facilities. Just as important, you can simply move your phones to a new location with connectivity, and you are back in business.
  • Automatic re-routing of calls in the event of an outage. Your Domitek PBX service offers the ability to have your calls automatically re-routed in the event of local service outage. That means you remain in contact with your customers.
  • Redundant connectivity options are available for mission critical voice communications. Domitek PBX customers can implement a number of proven solutions such as redundant broadband connections and redundant provider solutions to assure maximum uptime and voice communications.

Custom Message On Hold

Price per program List Price Reseller Price
Short (3 Minutes ~ 300 words) $289 $144
Standard (4 Minute ~ 400 words) $169 $169
Long (6 Minutes ~ 600 words) $199 $199
Extended (8 Minutes ~ 800 words) $219 $219

Additional program lengths and update frequencies are also available

Voice Prompt Pricing

Project List Price Reseller Price
Minimum order (100 words) $83 $44
Price per word (varies based on total words) .83-.46 .42-.26

Additional program lengths and update frequencies are also available

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