Business Continuity

Enable a secure remote workforce with reliable cloud-based backup solutions


Despite its many advantages, remote working undeniably exposes businesses to more cybersecurity risks. Without effective backup and recovery solutions, a single security breach or malware infection can wipe out your entire database or your sofware settings. Don’t wait until such incidents cost you client trust or business-ending legal fines — partner with Domitek for our strategic Backup and Data Recovery services.

Our skilled IT experts will assess your current backup performance, the nature of your operations, and your risks. We’ll then devise an effective and reliable plan to protect your data, devices, and people, ensuring maximum remote work productivity without compromising data security.

Domitek’s Backup and Data Recovery services include:
  • Automated backups for data and system settings across all endpoints
  • Secure and unlimited storage in geo-redundant data centers
  • 24/7 data monitoring
  • Routine software updates and upgrades
  • Fast and responsive remote support by certified technicians
  • Ongoing expert advice on the latest disaster recovery best practices

This is called the
Shared Responsibility Model

The Shared Responsibility Model was created by Microsoft to outline who is responsible for data in different scenarios of data loss. SaaS vendors are only responsible for data protection and data loss some of the time. That means end users are responsible for data security and data loss the rest of the time.

Backup your backups

For MSPs, educating clients about the causes of data loss in cloud applications is the first step. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, providing them with a SaaS backup solution is essential to keep them connected and secure.

According to a study by The Aberdeen Group on data loss in the cloud:
47% were due to end-users deleting information
17% were users overwriting data
13% were because hackers deleted info

Hard work and diligence

Hard work and diligence

Libis, you truly exceeded my expectations and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and diligence in making sure everything went according to plan. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference; I plan on recommending your services to all of my clients and friends.

Billy Ayala
Executive Director
Miss Latina Worcester