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Managed IT Services - Worcester, Westborough, Springfield, Framingham

With a traditional break/fix service contract, your IT guy depends on your problems to keep him in business - so how much can you really depend on him to proactively maintain your network and computers? This "reactive" service model means you only get help after your IT has stopped working and the technician often has to travel to your company to do repairs. And all this costs you precious time.

So imagine a world where you could keep your IT from breaking, eliminate costly managed service bills and say goodbye to technology troubles for good. Managed Services from Domitek can turn that dream into a reality by offering proactive management and support of IT network-based services applications and equipment. And what's more, how much support you require depends on the needs of your business.

Managed Services are preventative - stopping your systems from breaking down by spotting problems before they occur and cause downtime. We proactively oversee your systems 24/7.

With Managed Services from Domitek, you get:

  • 24/7 monitoring - enjoy peace of mind knowing your systems are safe and being monitored.
  • Proactive maintenance - we pinpoint and fix problems before they create downtime
  • Remote & overnight services - so you experience fewer disruptions to your business
  • All-inclusive IT - for predictable budgeting with flat-rate IT services that include hardware and software.

Domitek will use a remote monitoring and management platform to continually oversee the performance of your IT network. By doing this we detect, diagnose and fix issues with no disruption to your everyday work.

And what's more, Managed Services save you money and help you plan and budget for future IT expenses thanks to fixed predictable costs.

“46% of firms have cut their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more by moving to Managed Services, including 13% who slashed annual IT expenditures by 50% or more on the IT functions they have given over to an MSP.”

Managed Services from Domitek bring predictability to both your business and your budget, giving you a better technology ROI and more time to focus on what really matters - your business.

Stop waiting for your technology to break.
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