Cable Infrastructure

Swift installation and optimization of your equipment mean minimum operational downtime

Moving to a new office or reorganizing your current one can be an incredibly stressful endeavor, not to mention the amount of downtime it can cause if it’s not properly executed. Domitek specializes in the swift design and installation of partial or entire cabling infrastructure. We have developed foolproof protocols to make sure everything works as it should from the get-go.

Low Voltage

A structured cabling solution to achieve faster and more stable internet connection.A slow, unstable network connection is the primary productivity killer for any organization. To prevent this, your IT infrastructure must be built on a stable base, with quality cabling that is fast and reliable. And that’s exactly what you get with Low Voltage solutions from Domitek.

Our expert engineers will develop and deploy scalable low voltage cabling systems based on your processes and needs. With our expertly-installed cabling, you will experience higher quality calls, faster file transfers, and more efficient data streams.

High-quality Low Voltage solutions from Domitek equips you with:
  • High Definition Audio and Video Calls - to help you nurture your relationship with clients
  • Faster Streaming Content - so your team can access files and media without having to wait for slow loading times
  • Expert Installation - because we always get the job done right the first time