Tech tips and tricks from Domitek

What email system are you using?

by Sameer Sule Most of you might have heard the recent news about Google that hundreds of Gmail accounts were compromised in a “spear-phishing” assault — targeted attacks that duped victims into revealing their Gmail passwords through e-mails that pose as people or companies known to end user.

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Importance of a well-functioning server

In our April newsletter, we introduced you to Domitek’s easy, affordable Daily Server Safety Check service that monitors your server and checks to see if the Backup has successfully completed and that the Anti Virus software is up-to-date.  As you know, we take a completely different approach to IT support than other support companies in […]

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Client Story of the month

Zenith Mortgage Advisors, a long time client of ours experienced one of the “email not working” scenarios recently. They are a mortgage company with 1 server and 12 workstations. Their business, as is the case with most business nowadays, is heavily dependent on email as their primary mode of communication.

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