Tech tips and tricks from Domitek

This Week’s Five Most Popular HackBusters Posts

Simple Text Message to Hack Any Android Phone Remotely: Click here Hackers Can Disable a Sniper Rifle—Or Change Its Target: Click here Intel, Micron debut 3D XPoint storage technology that’s 1,000 times faster than current SSDs: Click here Man shoots down drone hovering over house: Click here Car Hacking? Scary, But Now it’s REALITY: Click […]

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Don’t let your antivirus & malware Protection Expire

If you want to keep your business data and systems secure it is essential that you have an antivirus or antimalware scanner installed on every system. While the install rates of these programs in businesses is nearly 100%, there is an increasing trend where some companies are letting their subscriptions expire.

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Domitek wins the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Small Business

We are proud and humbled to announce, that we won the 2014 Central MA Torch Award in Marketplace Ethics for Small Business. The BBB Torch Awards is presented to businesses that epitomize corporate responsibility and efforts to ensure that our marketplace remains fair and honorable.

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Ways to secure your credit card during the holidays.

When making purchases online during the holidays, be aware that due to the recent increase of credit card and data theft we need to be smart when buying online. We provided 5 quick tips that can minimize credit card theft. Always use commonsense, never purchase from a website that do not appear legit or you […]

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Complete peace-of-mind about your data and its safety.

Did your Backup successfully complete last night? Is your Anti Virus software up-to-date and protecting your systems? In today’s fast paced business world data backup and anti-virus protection are the two most important IT tasks on any business system.

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Your Copy Machine: A Serious Security Risk?

It seems that even the most innocuous machines in the workplace can serve as a security threat to companies. According to this report from CBS News, many office copiers save the images they copy on a dedicated hard disk installed inside them. This means that everything from mundane memos to your most sensitive information such as financial statements and contracts are stored – and could potentially extracted. So the next time you dispose of a copy machine, if you’re not sure what’s stored on it and how to get it off – give us a call to help out. To see the news report, watch this video.

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