Jeffrey A. Monfette

We were referred to Domitek by one of our partners and they were right on, when they spoke of Domitek’s ability to deliver solutions that can improve efficiencies and can save money. In our industry, we must meet strict compliance if we need to access our data remotely. Thanks to the solution that was implemented by Domitek, we are now able to securely access our data from virtually anywhere without compromising our client’s privacy.

With our data being the lifeblood of our business and having experienced our servers crash previously, we needed to find a solution to help mitigate any potential data loss. Domitek also implemented Office 365, which has greatly enhanced our communications both internally and with our clients. No more expensive IT cost….With Domitek’s managed services, we are now saving money because of their flat fee monthly plan. If you are looking to move to the cloud and save money, we highly recommend Domitek.

The Visper Group LLC

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