Tech tips and tricks from Domitek

Client Story of the month

Zenith Mortgage Advisors, a long time client of ours experienced one of the “email not working” scenarios recently. They are a mortgage company with 1 server and 12 workstations. Their business, as is the case with most business nowadays, is heavily dependent on email as their primary mode of communication.

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Complete peace-of-mind about your data and its safety.

Did your Backup successfully complete last night? Is your Anti Virus software up-to-date and protecting your systems? In today’s fast paced business world data backup and anti-virus protection are the two most important IT tasks on any business system.

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Your Copy Machine: A Serious Security Risk?

It seems that even the most innocuous machines in the workplace can serve as a security threat to companies. According to this report from CBS News, many office copiers save the images they copy on a dedicated hard disk installed inside them. This means that everything from mundane memos to your most sensitive information such as financial statements and contracts are stored – and could potentially extracted. So the next time you dispose of a copy machine, if you’re not sure what’s stored on it and how to get it off – give us a call to help out. To see the news report, watch this video.

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