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Domitek is a firm believer in the old saying that prevention is better than cure, which is why we offer network penetration testing and internal network audits. We highly recommend that you schedule a vulnerability scan or a penetration test annually, unless you offer an online payment system, in which case regulations may state that you need quarterly testing.

As technology evolves, so too do hackers and the malware and dirty tricks they use to attack your company. Weaknesses in your systems are meticulously searched for, and exploited when found, therefore it is crucial that you stay one step ahead.

Protect your company, clients and data with:

  • Penetration Testing - Domitek’s certified experts will attempt to breach your network security, therefore highlighting vulnerabilities and pinpointing the weak spots where an unscrupulous third party could gain access. Penetration testing can be done with or without the knowledge of your network security team, allowing us to gain a unique “hacker’s-eye view”.
  • Vulnerability Scanning - once security loopholes have been identified we’ll help you formulate a plan of action to ensure that any gaps are immediately and effectively sealed and are safe from malicious attack.
  • Internal Network Audits - these are conducted from within your network and allow us a thorough and in depth look into your company's infrastructure safety. A network audit gives us vital oversight and allows us - and you - to know exactly what a hacker could exploit should your network be compromised.

Domitek’s Network Security services have been designed to help your company stay secure. After all, it is by protecting your network and infrastructure that you can protect your organization, ensure compliancy and earn the trust - and business - of your clients.

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