SBS Setup and Support

Your company has many ongoing needs: to better organize and safeguard business information, to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and suppliers, and to make the most of your existing computers and office equipment.

Introducing the right technology into your business can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money, keeping you focused on your business, not on technology. The foundation of an effective technology solution starts with a server.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I am afraid of losing data if my PC crashes
  • I need to protect sensitive data
  • It is difficult to access data from outside the office
  • I have multiple versions of the same document stored in various locations
  • Troubleshooting computer problems is a headache
  • I find servers too complex and costly to manage and maintain

Servers can play a strategic role in businesses of all sizes, helping companies do more with less to realize cost savings and profitability. The Windows Server family of products offers a comprehensive portfolio of server offerings to meet the diverse needs of businesses today, from stand-alone Windows operating systems to tailored solution suites designed specifically for small businesses. Customers can choose a genuine Windows Server offering that is right for their business and budget.

Server Benefits

  • Simplify Small Business IT
  • Increase Business Productivity
  • Help Protect Business Data
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Grow Your Business

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