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While increasing numbers of companies have moved their work processes and software into the cloud, many still rely on their offices servers for data storage and processing. But to ensure they work effectively, these machines need to be properly maintained.

As servers age, they can slow down, become unstable and perform less efficiently, especially if software is not kept up to date. This means more frustrating downtime for you and your staff. So let Domitek take care of it for you.

Here at Domitek we are experts in server setup and installation, programing, diagnosis, repair, maintenance and upgrades. And because we have years of experience working for companies with very different IT needs and requirements, we are familiar with a range of servers and software.

This means we are able to diagnose and fix your server problems both on-site and remotely and what's more, Domitek's server experts will do their best to fix issues efficiently with minimal downtime for your company and no data loss.

Just look at some of the ways we can help oversee your servers:

  • Server installation, repair, replacement, and upgrades
  • Data Migration
  • Installation, configuration and setup of networks
  • Network administration and troubleshooting
  • Virus and spyware removal and protection

Among many other services. So let us service your servers and take your worries away.

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